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Welcome to SplitRockGroupLLC

SplitRock Group, LLC is a real estate investment banking and advisory firm, which was established in order to provide a full spectrum of services to the real estate industry. These services include commercial mortgage brokerage, transactional advice, and investment consultancy. SplitRock Group along with its affiliates, related entities and partnerships provides extensive services, which include real estate asset management, distressed property and recovery services, commercial reconstruction and development in addition to financial products such property and casualty insurance.

SplitRock works directly with institutional lenders, commercial Banks, S&Lís, insurance companies, real estate investment trusts, pension fund and specialty lenders to provide its clients with immediate access to capital to expand their portfolio by growth or acquisition. The principals of SplitRock have extensive experience in all facets of commercial real estate finance, investment and development. SplitRock analyzes and packages loan materials, suggests appropriate financial structure and strategy, then matches the financing request with a lender from its global network.

SplitRock takes the time to understand the inner workings of the clientís project or business in order to tailor the right strategy and products to fit their goals and objectives. SplitRock will negotiate the loan terms and manage the lenderís progress until funding is completed. SplitRockís working knowledge of all sides of the transaction has proven invaluable for their clients. Utilizing their collective expertise, SplitRock often suggests a myriad of financing approaches.

SplitRock Group stands apart from its peers and many of their clients have come to rely on them as an integral part of each transaction. SplitRock prides itself on providing top-notch and efficient services. Our clients have come to depend on us for our integrity, innovation and ability to deliver.